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Friday, August 9, 2019

Kinder Beauty Box | July 2019!
August 09, 20190 Comments
July's Kinder Beauty Box is another home run for me!

Scentuals Natural & Organic Skin Care "Sleep Well" Pillow + Room Mist $10.63
 I've been spritzing this on my bed and pillows just about every night since I got this box. It is magnificent! I love the smell and the price it really nice for the size of the bottle also. Purchase [HERE]
ZionHealth ClayBrite White Natural Toothpaste $7.49
I've used this a couple times. It's not bad. It's odd because I've only really used the "traditional" toothpaste with fluoride the entirety of my life, so this change is unusual. Not unwelcome, just strange. I was planning on giving fluoride-free toothpaste at some point. just haven't gotten around to it. I've been transitioning my beauty and skincare products to cruelty-free, I don't have the finances unfortunately to trade-up everything in my house that isn't cruelty-free, I wish I could. I want to continue using this toothpaste to really get an idea for it. I don't really need the whitening aspect. I have a brittle bone disease, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which can also cause what's called Dentinogenesis. Meaning my natural teeth are a translucent color. Instead of white. There's nothing that can really be done about it. It is what it is. The sensitive version of this toothpaste would probably work better for me personally. I only have 8 of my natural teeth left and they're very sensitive. Purchase [HERE]
Dr. Botanicals  Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleep Mask $18.99
I've used this a couple times and it's really nice. I didn't really notice a large change in my the way my skin felt after washing it off in the morning but, again, I've only used it twice. However, I certainly didn't hate it and do plan to continue using it in the future. Purchase [HERE]
Koha Beauty Bamboo Toothbrush $3.80 
This brush is great. I appreciate that it's made from Bamboo. I've been using an electric toothbrush that I really like but I've been intending to replace it for a bit. This will be a wonderful alternative. It cleans really well. The bristles are surprisingly soft.  Purchase [HERE]
Timeless Organics CoQ10 Age Defying Lotion $19.99 (Full Size)
This lotion is very nice. I don't know that I'd buy the full size but I still enjoy using this sample. Purchase [HERE]
FollyFire Matte Manipulation Lipstick in "Full House" $15
This lipstick is absolutely gorgeous. At first swipe, it went on a bit stiff but as soon as it warmed up to the skin it went on smooth! The color is so rich and a beautiful shade of red. I was looking for a new blood-red lipstick and it appeared in my Kinder Beauty box! Like magic πŸ˜‰
Purchase [HERE]

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Medusa's Makeup Beauty Box! | July 2019!
July 20, 20190 Comments
July's box is "The Heat Is On" Themed! I've certainly been feeling the heat in Phoenix the past few weeks. Oy! In happier news, I am so excited about next month's Birthday Box! I feel like it's going to be great! Medusa's Makeup, please throw in more stickers in this years birthday box, I loved the ones from last years box and I have a sticker obsession... like, it's kind of a problem! πŸ˜‚

Loose Pigment Hilighter in "Moonlight" $12
So pretty! I worry this may not be right for my complexion but I just don't care because I love a good shimmer! I imagine it'd look spectacular on a dark skin tone.
Purchase [HERE]
Glam Rock Pressed Eyeshadow in "Hot Love" $9
So, so, SO pretty! I wish these were easier to remove from their compacts because I've accumulated quite a collection and I'd LOVE to put them all in their own Z-palette. Sadly, I've almost ruined two shadows trying to remove the pans. For instance, I know Sugarpill has a secret spot on the bottom of their compacts to pop out the pans... is this financially plausible to look into, Medusa's Makeup? That'd be amazing. I don't know if I've said this recently but I really love this brand and I can not wait to see what they release in the future! I suggested an eyeshadow palette, how awesome would that be?! Like, a Disco themed eyeshadow palette??!! OH MY GOSH!!
Purchase [HERE]
Witch Lash Mascara in "Electric Blue" $12
I am so frustrated by receiving this in this month's box! Only because I did a makeup look for my NYX Face Awards 2019 submission (I wasn't selected but that's okay because I'm still really proud of the LOOK) I used the dark blue Witch Lash in the look but I don't have a lash primer and my lashes are very dark so I don't think the "Twilight" mascara showed up well on me, sadly. When I was looking at the photos I took I was thinking, "Man, the electric blue mascara would probably look super bomb with this look, I wish I had that one." Then a couple days later, what turns up at my doorstep?! I opened the box and was like, "Really?! Of course!" πŸ˜‚ 
I really need to pick up a lash primer so I can wear these colorful mascaras! Purchase [HERE]
Metal AF Lip Gloss in "Fade to Black" $11
I'm stoked that I got this in my box. I have had my eyes on this lip gloss shade for ages now! My patchy application on my lips was more so due to applying it with my camera phone as my mirror and just doing a slap-dash job of it. Very imperfectly. Should probably do better next time. You know, just a thought though. 
Now, if you could send me "Cherry Pie" next, I'd be most happy! Purchase [HERE]

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Kinder Beauty Box! June 2019!
July 18, 20190 Comments
June's Kinder Beauty box turned out to be just what I needed!

Little Moon Essentials "Tired Old Ass" Mist $6.30 for 2oz ($10 for 4oz)
I spray this on my face almost daily! πŸ˜‚It's really pleasant and it isn't like an immediate caffeine burst of energy or something but it does perk me up a bit. Which is really nice in the morning when you're just not feeling 100%, you know? Purchase [HERE]
Dear Self Skincare "I am Gleaming" Nourishing Moisturizer $29.50
This is such a soothing moisturizer! As someone who lives in a desert climate moisturizer becomes your best friend! It makes my skin feel soft after application. During application is my favorite. I don't keep it in the fridge but it is in a cool part of my bedroom and every time I apply it feels mildly cool on my face. Not cold, just cool. With the hot summer days in full effect, it is a welcome sensation. I'll also say, some moisturizers can feel incredibly heavy on your skin and almost tacky, this doesn't feel heavy, despite being quite thick in consistency, nor does it make my skin feel tacky afterward. Oh! And a little bit goes a LONG way. Purchase [HERE]
EvolvH Gair care "Ultrashine Moisture" Shampoo $26 & Conditioner $28 (for 8.5 oz)
I used these for several baths to get a feel for the product. I do really like them but I didn't feel like it really did anything spectacular to my hair, however, I will say I wasn't exactly keeping a log. My hair is pretty fried. I've bleached it several times (incorrectly, no less.) I have dry, straight hair with split ends. Moisture is key for me. I haven't used up the products so I think I'll set them aside as a backup. It smells lovely and it does make my hair feel soft. I may just be projecting the fact that I'm not currently feeling my hair. This shampoo and conditioner could be phenomenal and I'm just disgruntled about my own hair. You know? Purchase [HERE & HERE]
Inika Loose Mineral Bronzer in "Sunkissed" $35
"Sunkissed" might be a bit dark for me but I have tried this bronzer on my face and it is really nice. It'd probably be better in my appropriate shade. It blends well. If you add a little at a time it'll be perfect. Especially if you seldom go out in the sun, like me. You really want to add in small increments because, my word, it'll be super intense if you go ham on it and you'll wind up looking like an Oompa Loompa if you're not careful. Purchase [HERE]
With Kinder Beauty, I have a paid affiliate link! Should you like to subscribe to Kinder Beauty using my link, I will receive a paid portion. [SUBSCRIBE HERE]
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